Week 3 in University

Time is flying by in uni I can’t believe it is week three already. This week I have been overloaded with assignments, so I haven’t got to post much. I had a test/assignment for web development today which went really well, it was on JavaScript and HTML and I’ve also been completing a C++ project which I successfully completed last night. It is a game which is called Toads and Frogs, so hopefully I will get that posted here soon. At the minute I am also trying to find a internship for the summer which is quite a difficult task, I have currently made a list of all the companies internship which really interesting to me so I will have to get applying asap.

2 thoughts on “Week 3 in University

  1. Hi Zara. Ive just completed the MSc Professional Software Development at UUC….you viewed my LinkedIn profile. I like your blog. I wanted to advise you on a possible internship if you havent already considered them I think you should look at Accenture. they are based in Dublin and run a very good internship program and I think applications are open now. I was chatting to their representatives at the GradIreland recruitment fair in Dublin last Wed and Im going to apply to their graduate scheme.

  2. Congrats on week three in Uni!! And Good Luck on finding a great internship Zara, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect fit!!

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