To check to see if the string is a rotation of the original – Java

A program to check if a word is a rotation of another. If it is a rotation it will return true however if it is not it will return false.

public class RotationOf
    public static boolean isSubstring(String big, String small)
        if (big.indexOf(small) >= 0)
            return true;

            return false;

    public static boolean isRotation(String s1, String s2)
        int len = s1.length();

            /* check that s1 and s2 are equal length and not empty */
        if (len == s2.length() && len > 0)
            /* concatenate s1 and s1 within new buffer */
            String s1s1 = s1 + s1;
            return isSubstring(s1s1, s2);
        return false;

    public static void main(String[] args)
        String[][] pairs = {{"apple", "pleap"}, {"waterbottle", "erbottlewat"}, {"camera", "macera"}};
        for (String[] pair : pairs)
            String word1 = pair[0];
            String word2 = pair[1];
            boolean is_rotation = isRotation(word1, word2);
            System.out.println(word1 + ", " + word2 + ": " + is_rotation);

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